Alinea has done it again…for the fourth year in a row. Finally someone in Chicago has broken the streak of the Bulls first 3-Peat of the early nineties. It should come as no surprise. Grant Achatz….the culinary marvel whose desert painted tablecloths and balloons made of green apple taffy continue to impress ten years running.


On receiving this year’s award, Achatz said: “I think a lot of the other ratings systems and guidebooks are taking note. Because, quite honestly, a lot of chefs tend to complain about the unfairness of certain systems. I think it’s really refreshing to have an evaluation based on people’s experience when you don’t even know that they’re in the restaurant. It’s really important for us to have that unbiased opinion come through.”


Just as they changed the restaurant scene, Achatz and partner Nick Kokonas are changing the way reservations are made as well. At Next, Achatz’s second culinary venture in Chicago, he and business partner Nick Kokonas have introduced an industry-changing booking system. Diners purchase ‘tickets’ for a meal rather than making a traditional reservation. The idea is set to be rolled out to over 450 high end restaurants this summer.